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Big Wave Water Technologies Logo

Manufacturer of a reservoir mixer, blower, and chloramine booster that will increase the effectiveness of your treatment process exponentially. One mixer can handle up to a 12 million-gallon tank reducing maintenance and increasing the quality consistency for your customers.

Halogen Systems Inc. is the manufacturer of a patented technology chlorine analyzer. Their chlorine sensor will allow your process to stop using a waste line, saving time and not using reagents, membranes, or electrolytes by installing one. Being certified for NSF-61 installations, the MP-5 chlorine analyzer can be placed directly into a water tank or a pipe.

PoliControl Analytical Instruments Logo

Policontrol manufactures a portable and in-line turbidity meter and colorimeter. In addition, they make a portable ph/ORP meter. Their unique portable turbidity meter is waterproof, shockproof and has a lamp that lasts for over 35 years. Water treatment plants and food and beverage companies benefit from this technology.