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Water Reservoir Tank Systems That Solve Stratification, Inconsistent Residual & Reduce Trihalomethanes

Tidal Wave Mixer that is dropped into multi-million gallon potable water tanks

Tidal Wave Mixer

The Tidal Wave Mixer employs an active blending technique that rapidly breaks down stagnant water layers. Just one unit can mix a water tank over 10 million gallons in capacity. This unit is proven effective in reducing the occurrence of thermal stratification and thermocline formation. By running this water tank mixer in a drinking water reservoir, you are guaranteed to have a sustained and uniform water temperature, a mix of chlorine or chloramine, and a better product for your customers.

Rigorously Tested and Certified

The Tidal Wave Mixer, engineered for potable (drinking) water, undergoes meticulous quality testing to meet and exceed stringent standards such as UL Listing, NSF/ANSI 61, and NSF/ANSI 372. This robust and active water mixer is purpose-built for use in drinking water storage tanks of diverse capacities. Its construction from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) guarantees superior resilience, and it comes equipped with advanced safety features, solidifying its position as a reliable choice with industry-leading certifications.

Fast, Efficient Water Tank Mixing

At Big Wave Water Technologies, we recognize the critical need for rapid mixing in potable (drinking) water tanks. The Tidal Wave Water Mixer is made to deal with unexpected events that require immediate mixing. Unlike conventional mixers, the Tidal Wave Mixer employs an advanced mixing process capable of achieving 100% water mixing in large-volume tanks within a remarkably brief timeframe.

Two skids for boosting chloramine for a drinking water, water tank.

Chloramine Boosting System

The Chloramine Boosting System (CBS) ensures consistent water quality across the entire reservoir by preventing stratification. Simultaneously, it accurately doses sodium hypochlorite and or ammonia, reducing the necessity for frequent tank cleaning and diminishing the total maintenance hours required for the reservoir.

Minimal Time For Operator

The CBS system automates chemical dosing to an operator-selected set point, minimizing the level of required operator oversight. The CBS control panel seamlessly integrates with customer-preferred or existing chlorine analyzers, providing reliability, user-friendliness, and ease of operation.

Chloramine boosting system panel with a touch screen and a stop button. This equipment is designed to keep a constant amount of chlorine or chloramines in drinking water for municipal drinking water facilities.
Accurate Chlorine Residual Measurement

The chlorine analyzer, renowned for its high accuracy and the capability to measure both Free and Total chlorine residuals, empowers the CBS to maintain control at the operator-selected set point. Whether applied in potable (drinking) water reservoirs or standpipes over 100 feet high, the CBS assists operators in overseeing water quality across the reservoir and distribution system.

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Hurricane Blower is designed to help reduce trihalomethanes or THMS in the water.

Hurricane Blower

An active air ventilation system that will improve your lengthen asset longevity by:

  • Reducing corrosion on the inside of the water storage tanks
  • Reducing tank headspace temperature and humidity
  • Reducing the TTHM in the water tank
  • Improving water tank longevity

The Hurricane Blower stands as an advanced aeration system, offering outstanding performance to ensure proper oxygenation for maintaining the ecological balance in the water. Widely acclaimed for its exceptional capabilities, the Hurricane Blower is the preferred choice across diverse applications, ranging from wastewater treatment plants to recreational ponds and aquaculture facilities. Its distinctive design and cutting-edge engineering enable powerful aeration with minimal energy consumption, making it an environmentally responsible and efficient option.

Hurricane blower installed on top of a water tank. This is designed to reduce trihalomethane in water treated with chlorine.


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