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Halogen Systems Inc. chlorine analyzers with display module designed for municipal water treatment equipment.

Cutting Edge Technology

Halogen Systems Inc.’s HaloMP5™ Multiple Parameter Sensor examines five parameters through a 3-electrode amperometric chlorine measurement. Immune to the effects of flow or pressure, the HaloMP5™ boasts self-cleaning capabilities, automatic pH compensation, and NSF61 certification for installations. The MP5™ requires minimal maintenance, is easy to install, and is cost-effective. All combined in one efficient and user-friendly solution to analyze chlorine.

Self-Cleaning Amperometric Chlorine Analyzer

The MP5™ boasts a built-in electrochemical cleaning technique, enabling the unit to prevent polarization and the adsorption of organic matter. The patented cleaning system includes beads that consistently cleanse the sensor, ensuring the surfaces remain clear of deposits, scaling, and biofouling, even with turbid waters. These features, among others, contribute to significantly extended intervals between calibrations. In some installations, recalibration has lasted for periods exceeding six months.

Halogen Systems Inc. amperometric chlorine analyzer pre-mounted on a installation board.

"Try Before You Buy" Program

Experience the difference by opting for a one-month trial of the MP5™. Bid farewell to the hassle of cleaning kits, replacing tubing, and dealing with reagents and membranes. The Halogen Systems MP5 chlorine sensor swiftly measures total residual oxidant (TRO) without extensive maintenance.

Installation is a breeze, and maintenance is equally straightforward. Try the HaloMP5™ and simplify your water treatment process.

Power Options

• 120V AC or 24 V DC power
• Remote power options available (cellular communication, battery, and solar panel)

Stainless steel version on the Halogen Systems Inc. chlorine analyzer

Multiple Installation Methods For Municipal Water Treatment

Side Stream

Sidestream installation allows for temporary or permanent installation. 

In A Water Tank

Able to be used in NSF61 installations, the MP5™ amperometric chlorine analyzer can provide accurate readings without needing a flow of water and can be positioned inside a water tank, becoming fully functional within seconds. Adding a Big Wave Water Technologies water tank mixer, combined with the MP5™ chlorine analyzer, yields an unparalleled consistency in water quality.

Wet Tap Insertion

Certified for NSF61 installations sets this chlorine sensor apart as the sole option for direct insertion into a pipe available in the market. This approach enables easy removal from the plumbing system without having to drain the system, eliminating the need for sampling pumps, valve switches, sampling lines, and sample filtration.

Why halogen systems chlorine Analyzer?

The Halogen System Inc. sensor, the MP5, has been called “disruptive” by many. It overcomes most of the limitations and maintenance issues of existing chlorine analyzers. Not only does it deliver more stable results, but it also can be installed in places that previously would have been considered nearly impossible or cost prohibitive.

Why? A typical chlorine sensor or chlorine monitor (DPD) uses reagents, membranes, and waste streams to determine the total residual oxidant (TRO) remaining in the water tested. However, Halogen Systems Inc. MP5 has patented technology that does away with the need for using reagents, membranes, or even wasting water to capture accurate readings of the total residual oxidants levels. The MP5 chlorine sensor reduces the time consumed by frequent recalibrating and changing or replacing parts and chemicals that other outfits require, such as the Hach CL17 (also known as the “industry standard”).

With a certification for NSF61 installations and no need for waste streams or reagents, Municipal drinking water utilities all across the globe are installing these units with resounding success.

Learn More:
  1. The Halogen Systems Inc. (HSI) SensiCLĒNE™ self-cleaning system reduces maintenance through an always-on cleaning method.
  2. DryGLAS™ technology ensures robust operation even if the line goes totally dry.
  3. The HaloMP5™ constantly samples 5 parameters using a 3 electrode amperometric technology, and is unaffected by flow, pressure, or temperature.
  4. HSI’s patented impeller system removes flowrate as an issue.
  5. HSI’s patented sensor system allows for wet-tap, side- stream, immersion and direct pipe insertion, eliminating the need for waste stream membranes, reagents, & electrolyte, while greatly reducing calibration & maintenance.

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