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How much would you benefit from equipment that doesn’t need constant monitoring and accomplishes the task that it claims to? 

Using cutting-edge technologies, such as a chlorine analyzer that does not use chemicals or a waste stream to grab a residual chlorine reading, is a water-smart move. Also, measuring the water’s turbidity with a portable turbidity meter is essential to securing safe drinking water for our communities. Additionally, many large water tanks and reservoirs struggle with achieving consistent water quality due to stratification and trihalomethanes for several reasons. However, having a state-of-the-art water mixer allows for stable chlorination and reduces nitrification and bacteria growth. In addition, a question often asked is how to remove trihalomethanes from drinking water. The answer? By adding a water tank blower.

Tidal Wave Mixer that is dropped into multi-million gallon potable water tanks

High-Quality water treatment equipment

Tensile Water LLC shares your concern regarding the water quality in our environment and communities. We take great satisfaction in acquainting local water treatment plants with our reliable and low-maintenance water treatment equipment.

We pride ourselves in only carrying equipment that is a wise investment for water treatment facilities. Our products not only offer practical solutions but result in substantial savings. By installing the equipment we feature, water treatment facilities can contribute significantly to water conservation and safety. The resulting cleaner and healthier environment stands as a testament to our shared commitment to being water-smart and the health of our communities.

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